Help People Help

While my idea originally stems from my own personal problem—getting into social media arguments far too often—it also comes from the realization that a lot of people fail to get involved in activism because they feel too overwhelmed to even know where to start. Help People Help is a solution. It’s a website that with a goal of doing exactly what the name suggests: Helping People… Help! By focusing on activism at a local rather than global scale, as well as utilizing design elements that encourage activity such as community participation (commenting, posting), gamification (points, goals, trophies), and spotlight stories for active users, the aim is to give an easy and fun “in” to something that might have previously seemed inaccessible or unapproachable. I want to take the stigma that you need to be some sort of hero to call yourself an activist. The site also gives people access to tools to further research a problem on their own, allowing for independent decisions to be made about the causes users are participating in. We all want the world to be a better place. Why not make doing so, easy?