Cosmic Music Festival

The first instances of electronic dance music could be heard over forty years in the underground clubs of Europe’s capitals. Back then, this type of music was largely unknown and only certain people curious enough came to experience it. It could even be considered part of the counterculture movement, with people seeking to find something new to electrify their ears. Today, millions of people come from far and wide to spectacular festivals where they groove to the beat and dance the night away. Electronic dance music has become a culture of festival-goers who value love and unity in their community.  

Cosmic Music Festival builds upon past EDM events with new enhanced features and branding that is out of this world. Experiencing a festival is about feeling the electric beat and allowing oneself to let go of the present, that is why this project focused on creating visuals that represented such a state of mind. User experience is an essential aspect of creating a festival, so the project also implements important features for festival-goers such as free water refill stations, medical centers and staff, as well as beacons that help direct traffic around the grounds. The festival also provides valuable features and services to those with disabilities, staying true to the culture of inclusivity.