Chromaesthesia is an interactive audiovisual installation inspired by the sensory condition known as synesthesia. Focused on the blending of color and sound, the installation aims to create a unique sensory experience for every individual. After studying and researching, I gravitated towards contemporary colorblind artist, as well as, cyborg, Neil Harbisson. Harbisson’s artwork explores the relationship between color and sound, analyzing the boundaries of human perception and test the use of artistic expression via sensory expressions. I wanted to explore how color and sound connect with one another, and the interplay of exchange individuals have with the combination of these two senses. Utilizing innovative tools such as, mechatronics and 3D printing, Chromaesthesia was created. Aside from the installation itself, the project also includes a web presence showcasing an interactive map for people to view the colors individuals are hearing in their respective city. This allows the installation to grow through purchasing a pyramid to add to the piece and in return receiving a personal pyramid to keep as their own. This allows Chromaesthesia to have a larger interactive audience than just a colorful yet one-note installation. I wanted to produce a new way of experiencing sound and color, pushing the sensory boundaries for people to explore in an innovative way. Integrating graphic design and digital fabrication, Chromaesthesia exemplifies the exploration and blending of the senses.