Sexth Sense

This is Sexth Sense, Not Common Sense is an engaging book for parents in order to encourage sex education for young children. Sexuality is a big part of who we are. Many books about sex education describe the phases of puberty, sexual relationships, and diseases, but I’m focusing my information on young kids around the ages of 6 years old and younger. During this period in a child’s life, they are beginning to observe, explore, understand, and learn based on their surroundings and influences. As little kids, they can absorb much more information than people give them credit for, so it’s a perfect opportunity to fill a child with as much knowledge as possible. Without sex education for young kids, they are vulnerable, because they aren’t aware of how to handle or avoid certain situations, such as sexual abuse, which can occur among families and friends. By exposing children to the realities of sex education, they will be better prepared for any situation that could come up. Their confidence increases, due to the knowledge that they have under their belt (no pun intended). Some topics that Sexth Sense includes are: gender identity, relationships, consent, and good vs. bad behavior, which are topics that are age appropriate for younger kids.