Edit Profile

Everyone has an “image”, or a concept of who we are as individuals. Consciously or not, we are all constantly making decisions that create an image for ourselves, from the clothes we wear, to the hobbies we take up, to the people we spend time with. Social media gives us the unique opportunity to craft a separate online image for ourselves based on what we decide to post, with editing features that give us more control over our images than ever before. With that level of moderation, the image we build for ourselves doesn’t have to line up with exactly who we are.

Edit Profile is an exploration into exactly how social media affects our self-images. For this online essay, I researched the psychological, historical and technological factors that go into crafting an image, both off and online. I then created a website to present my findings and accompanying illustrations in a clear, interesting, and more user-friendly way. Aside from everything I learned about self-image and its related concepts, this project also helped me understand the reasons behind some of my own social media posting habits, and I hope it will do the same for everyone who views it.