The Boundaries of Relevancy

The methods we use in our creative process is through a familiar framework of thinking. We create this way because it is safe and can guarantee satisfactory results, but this approach could be limiting ourselves from exploring and discovering new ideas. Using unconventional methods and sources, this project is an experiment in the realm of creative development. The Boundaries of Relevancy focuses on process rather than finality. In order to explore this concept, exercises or “environments” were developed and tested throughout the year. These environments allow for the conditions of an idea to exist and operate within. A small set of rules are established in each environment that act as springboard for idea creation. All of the environments are designed to be: fun to play, simple to learn and easy to generate content. Three final designs were chosen from the environments, and transferred onto T-shirts for display. Accompanying the final designs is an online collection from all of the environments, and posters explaining the process behind them.