Unbound By Time

How often do you reflect on your life? For many of us, it’s a hassle to slow down and step back from our perpetually overloaded days. Yet, we are habitually tracking the state of our well-being in one form or another as a means to look back to a certain moment. This could be in the form of diary entries, photographs, videos, sound recordings, social media posts, etc. In my thesis, Unbound by Time, I seek to familiarize my audience with both the contemporary and historical methods of recording life. My project aims to show an understanding on the purpose of recorded memory, how the practice has changed or stayed the same over time. It is my desire to encourage people of all ages to document and implement mindful self-reflection into their daily lives. Unbound by Time is comprised of a series of videos, a website, and a written letter project featuring acquaintances, family, friends, and strangers.